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“See the tired mummies* sleeping ‘til it’s nearly dawngro3
Shall we try and wake them, as it’s nearly morn?
Hear them snore… what a bore… Shush…
Hop tired mummies, hop, hop, hop. Stop tired mummies – not, not, not.
Up tired mummies, up, up, up. UP. UP. UP.”

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HEATWAVEI love summer, of course. Everyone loves summer: spending more time outside is good for us and there is always more to do. Then, during the five or so days a year of ‘proper summer’ – AKA heatwave territory, things ramp up a gear and we get to feel like we’re on a foreign holiday at home – for free – amazing! It is also important during this period to post lots of natural (forced) and happy (pre-meltdown) photos on Facebook and Instagram, and NEVER complain that it is too hot however uncomfortable you may be… this is sacrilege to the cloudless sky gods.

Anyway, there’s nothing to complain about because sunshine puts everyone in a better mood – especially young children. It’s all they need to be happy; along with constant entertainment and being kept cool, covered, watered, refreshed and rested. And they make all of this so easy to do, of course…

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