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my love poem

I don’t always relish everything or give you all I should

And sometimes on the tougher days, I lose sight of what’s good

But just know that when you need me – if you’re tiny or you’re tall

I will always be there any time that you might call


I know I have my moments in the middle of the night

Or when you decide for everything you must put up a fight

There are days I’m short on patience, on time or energy

Then stretches I wish I could freeze and make forever you and me


There are things about this journey I couldn’t have imagined

To me you are a mystery – so much I still can’t fathom

I’ve let worries over sleep or food dominate my day

I’ve sat right down and cried with you when I just can’t find my way


You constantly amaze me, both in good ways and in bad

As a teacher you’re the toughest and the best I’ve ever had

I love that you don’t mind me messing up the way I do

I guess all you need to feel is love and know I’m there with you


As we start each new adventure, I’m learning thanks to you

More about what matters and which things are real and true

You’ve changed the way I see the world, you’ve altered every part

I’m so thankful for your presence; your laughter fills my heart


I know this time is precious and these days won’t last forever

And when you’re grown I’ll miss the years we spent each day together

I hope you know I treasure you, the best thing I could have made

And as the months and years whizz by, my love will grow not fade


Remember you can call on me in any kind of weather

And when you need a hand to hold, we’ll tackle things together

I may not have the answers or be as near as I am now

But my love, I’ll always stand by you no mind the why or how


So if ever you feel lonely, or think you’ve lost your way

Or start to doubt that you belong or feel too led astray

Just glance over your shoulder, feel the warm sun from above

And know no matter where you go you truly are most loved


This bond we have created has no limit and no end

I’ll always be your mother and you’ll always have a friend

It’s unbreakable, exceptional; one thing of which I’m sure

Is if I tried with all my might I couldn’t love you any more

Copyright Yvette Lamb

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7 thoughts on “My Love You Are Loved: A Poem”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful Yvette – so well-written and so full of love xx

    1. I just wanted to pop back and say thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  2. This is a gorgeous poem. What a lovely gift for your child to treasure #prose4t

  3. Jo Winwood says:

    What a lovely poem! It brought a tear to my eye, very evocative.

  4. Ojo Henley says:

    Beautiful poem, filled with love. You’ve captured what it means to be a parent x

  5. Beautiful poem Yvette – love the way you’ve captured the love of a parent for their child as well as the honesty of the challenges that parenthood brings. I especially love the lines “You’ve changed the way I see the world, you’ve altered every part / I’m so thankful for your presence; your laughter fills my heart” – really does capture how parenthood changes us forever along with the joy that it brings.

  6. Susie glasgowdragonfly says:

    I love this, it’s put tears in my eyes. It covers exactly how I feel, although I can’t always communicate through my mood swings, anxieties and fears of the responsibility of motherhood. Love is behind it all. Thanks for writing xx

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