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About my yellow cup?
Posted by TracyBeaker
I have a yellow beaker that I have been using for about a year now. My parents fill it with water, they give it to me, I drink it. All very easy. However, I have recently decided that on Tuesday afternoons, every other Friday and any time it rains, I do NOT want to use the yellow beaker. In fact, I don’t even want to see it. I find it deeply troubling to have it in my view at all and if it’s used as a means of offering thirst relief, I have no choice but to scream, stamp my feet and yell incomprehensible words for several minutes, until…

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Beginner’s Guide to Spinning

Formal exercise has never really been my idea of ‘me-time’ (or ‘me-anything’ really). So you would think that by aged thirty-lalala, I would know enough to realise joining a gym will not end well. Unfortunately, having a baby wiped out 80% of my memory so alas, thanks to the lure of an opening rate and a foolishly optimistic bid to ‘look after myself’ I have once again taken the path less trodden and signed my-foolish-self up.

The part of my brain that remains tells me I am an idiot. The part that is now basically just a big ball of useless fluff says

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For Today

mother and baby timeDisclaimer: This is not a ‘You must enjoy every moment as it passes by so quickly’ preach.

Enjoy every moment? Err, that’s realistic!

Like most, I know that I am so lucky to be a parent, and that the time I have with my son is as much a privilege as it is precious. However, I can also get lost in the stuff that surrounds and is part of being a mother, and the challenges which take my time and energy, and clutter our day to day lives.

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A Good Example of Bad Co-sleeping

example cosleepingI have written about the reluctant co-sleeper before (I believe there are a number of us out there). If you co-sleep when you do not want to co-sleep, but your baby makes you co-sleep, then your night may go a little something like this. Although for your sake, I hope that it does not.


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Dos and Don’ts For A Child Free Weekend

child free weekend
I recently enjoyed a weekend away sans my one-year-old son. When I say enjoyed, I of course missed my little boy a lot, but absolutely, totally made the most of having some time for me and a catch up with a good friend. It would have been a waste of everyone’s time and money if I’d spent the whole weekend pining. However, as a novice in the arena of child free mini-breaks, there are a few things I wish I had known before. So I’ve made this handy little tip sheet for anyone planning or pondering a weekend away, and also for next time I dabble in a mini escape. Not that I’ve thought about going away again so soon after my return.

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Hungry EyesHere is my little twist on an undisputed Dirty Dancing classic – Hungry Eyes. Though it may not have originally been about vegetable-refusing tots, these lyrics (sadly) have a lot more relevance to my life than the first verison. The original is below courtesy of YouTube, for your listening pleasure. Play it as you read and honestly – you’d never know it wasn’t Eric Carman’s first choice of lyric…

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A Parenting Quiz: What Kind Are You?

children watching tvSo everybody knows that you shouldn’t rely on your own judgment, intuition and kids’ wellbeing to decide if you’re doing okay in the parenting department. These factors make unreliable measuring tools and are not to be trusted – if the quality of your offspring’s care matters to you at all.
Instead, taking this highly sophisticated and insightful parenting quiz will tell you – for sure – whether you’re a hit or a hazard in the world of child rearing. What’s more, you can find out in just five of your earth minutes!

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The Healthy Parents’ Five-a-Day Rule

Hashtag - Healthy Choices

We all know the importance of a balanced and healthy diet and the impact this can have on a person’s wellbeing. Ensuring the inclusion of five-a-day in your diet is essential because; healthy body, healthy mind, yes? Then of course, as parents, it must be even more important to eat and drink the right kind of things to maximise our energy and health, because we can’t take sick days. Added to that the requirement to lead by example and have a positive influence on the diets of our children, it’s pretty clear that making the right choices and living within the rules when it comes to healthy eating is a no-brainer.

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letter to baby
Dear Sir,

I am writing this somewhat reluctantly, but after verbal attempts to negotiate broke down without resolution, I am left with little choice. I have been in your employment for over 18 months now, and whilst I enjoy my post immensely, a few changes to my contract are required in order for me to attain some work / life balance.

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Dining Out with a Baby

eating out with baby toddlerDining out, breaking bread, cooking-avoidance… whatever you want to call it: visiting eateries is widely considered a pleasant, social and relaxed experience. Plus, it means no washing up and a guaranteed pudding option. What’s not to like?

When two become three and life changes beyond all recognition, be assured there is no need to give up your hobby (is visiting restaurants a hobby? If not it certainly should be), you may just need to make a few tiny adaptions. So without further ado, here’s how to eat out with your little one. It’s still totally worth the money if you have money to burn.

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What The Baby Books Say

CIMG3379Like many excited soon-to-be Mums, I read the baby books and daydreamed naively about how perfect life would be with our new bundle. Sure, we would be tired, but we’ve been tired before – it’s no big deal and it’s only for the first few weeks anyway – right? I would nap in the day, exercise, bake and of course, go out and about and offer baby plenty of play and stimulation – easy.

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