Fox’s Hangover. A parody of Fox’s Socks

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Look, I couldn’t help it, OK? I’ve been reading Fox’s Socks – and the rest of the Acorn Wood gang- for two years. I know them off by heart and I can say without certainty I’m not the only one thinking Fox really needs to cut back on the sauce if he’s waking up with stuff strewn everywhere and a mind blank about the location of his basic items.

And, yes, maybe I do need to get out more. Or maybe ‘Ole Fox needs to go out a bit less. Whatever, I’ve done it now. Because it had to be done. Enjoy!



fox's socks parody

Julia and Axel, I’m sorry. But it was all already there in the subtext, wasn’t it? You planned it that way, I’m almost sure. Next, I really need to think about what Bear laced that birthday cake with…

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One thought on “Fox’s Hangover. A parody of Fox’s Socks”

  1. Hilarious! This is a favourite in our house too and after a quiet spell between 4-5 years its being pulled out again to share with baby brother. I shall be reading it now in a whole new light!

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